PCMR Edition: What's with the "2 extra hunters"?


I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here… what are these “2 extra hunters” in the PCRM edition?

Why half a set? What classes are they? Will they be available in future DLC or is it package exclusive?


*I see it was asked 7 days ago with no real answer… can we get an official response? PC Monster Race edition: 2 hunters - how does it work?


Those are probably the only “T5” Hunters they have solid ideas for at the moment.

They will be available outside of the PC Monster Race package.


They might only have 2 down for sure and maybe they’ll change it to 4 when they have the other 2 closer to completion


Maybe they are rehashes of current characters? Or maybe the “2 extra” are in a “tier” with 2 other rehashed characters.

Speculation only.


This has been my assumption. It hasn’t been made terribly clear, but I’m assuming they know for a fact they’re going to do at least half a T5 hunter team, and assuming the game makes a profit they’ll probably go ahead and finish out a full T5 eventually. But just in case they don’t, they’re only promising what they’ve already budgeted for.

Just my assumption.
Also, nothing will be exclusive to anything at all. If you don’t pick up the Master Race pack, those hunters will still be available.