PCMR edition includes Behemoth still now?


A friend of mine bought PCMR edition few days ago,
he said he didn’t get behemoth 2 days ago after this patch.

But I’ve got Behemoth… I bought PCMR edition in pre-order period,

so, Do I misunderstand now or Does his account get bugged?

Would Anyone please explain this?

I’ve heard that PCMR edition includes Behemoth DLC


PCMR doesnt include bob, only preorders do


Well, I’m really confused, cause this chart says PCMR includes Behemoth

even in below side of it.

Saving : 35$
Saving with pre-order : 35$



Behemoth was part of the pre-order offer. Your friend had to pre-order the game to get the Behemoth for free.