PC Xbox PS Play with/against eachother?!?!?


Hey I was wondering if PC-Xbox-PS would be able to play against and with eachother?
Like if I play on my Pc and my friend is playing on Xbox, will we be able to play with/against eachother?
Or is it on seperate servers? :slight_smile: Can’t wait untill the 10th, so Excited!


No cross platforming.


Alright! Thanks for quick answer


I think that would be a cool idea since the teams are so different to control that I don’t think mouse and keyboard vs. controller will give either team an advantage but from what I heard there won’t be any cross-platform play.


Ye, it wouldn’t be too much fair cuz I think it’s much more easier to play as a hunter on PC and maybe it’s a little bit easier to play as a monster on Xbox/PS4. But maybe in the future… who knows.


Nopey nopity nope!


Never, I hope.


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