PC Working FOV config


go to \steamapps\common\EvolveGame
Make autoexec.cfg with a text editor
fov commands are
cl_fov_merc = 80
cl_fov_monsterThirdPerson = 90
(values listed are default values).

confirmed working by me. found this out by »Bossy» on steam located here

screenshot of before and after.

default fov:

fov @ 90


O.o i would love a fov slider in game… But oh well, Ima try this later. Im so used to having a 90 FOV in most fps’s


Is this still working?


yeah. one of the few things that works. game still has bad DXGI crashing issues. the mouse curser bug is still not fixed. single player Frame rate is still half of what it is in MP (gpu usage only goes up to 50% in single player) and the wraith is still OP


I see, I tryed the FOV commands in the autoexec.cfg, however i cant seem to get it to work. Dont know what I could be doing wrong.

EDIT: I had to reset my computer for whatever reason