[PC] Will they ever fix the skewed player statistics average scores? [Example: only 100 global damage as assault]


I am not sure if the PC version is linked to the XBOX or PS4 version, but the average scores have become kind of useless for comparisons nowadays because of how ridiculously and outrageously low they are.

Some average scores like close to zero for almost all classes.

I’m not sure what is causing this, but it has created an impossibility to compare one’s own progress with others.

Will it ever be reset or adjusted?

I know the new hunters and behemoth stats work fine at the moment, but that may change. Was it due to hacking by some players resulting in the deflated scores for the rest?


I think the data is skewed because of those people who hacked those 15000000 wins each. When those get sorted out I imagine the averages will become more normal


That was when the averages went down like that, when the hackers got onto the leaderboards. It sucks, that was useful info that I liked having. It was nice having it for T4. They need to proactively get rid of those accounts and remove those phantom wins - if hacking can add them, there must be a legitimate way to get rid of them. I wonder if it’ll take a full leaderboard reset & that’s why they haven’t fixed it.


Ya some losers hacked it so they have over 10000000 wins cause for some stupid reason they think people will find it legit or that it matters in any way.

Really brought the average down since the leaderboards believe all those games were actually played but they didn’t do anything in them and so the average is basically zero.


What I heard when it first happened was that it was a side effect of using trainers to unlock/rank up characters. I don’t think anyone thought it would seem legit, and hackers would probably wanna hide that they’re hacking.