PC vs. Console - Pros / Cons - Let's make a civil discussion!

Hey guys,

how you guys maybe know I am on PC and Console. I love gaming but sometimes I read about PCMasterRace and think yes its true it is objective better but I still play on Console. So why I am not mainly on PC and throw my Console in the trash can. I asked this question my self and I want to show you my PERSONAL results.

Here are my pros of the PC:

  • State of the art hardware and graphics (120 FPS, Ultra Texttures)
  • Freedom!
  • Game prices
  • Fast Updates/Patches
  • Mods
  • No shitty aim assist even if you play with gamepad

Every PC player knows the aboves advantages but now let me give you some reasons why some people still love the consoles. Lets talk about those things I dont like on PC. Thats maybe also the reasons why I am on Console as well. I have many points but those are small points maybe you dont care about many of them.

  • Sound issues with 5.1 sound over AVR. I know PCM is the best but you canot be sure what comes to the AVR when its not DTS/DD. PC never supportes DD or DTS. I have to trust that MultiChannel is the right one.

  • Buy advantages for PC like better hardware = More FOV, More FPS, Better input device = Little advanatge in the game.

  • Cheaters! - Its so easy on PC to hack, just buy a cheat and you are the master of the game. In BF3 or BF4 you can see how often a cheater will be kicked by software who detect cheating (Pbbans). Its not one in an hour, its one in 2 Minutes, sadly. Keep in mind the server have to support this feature.

  • Hardware bugs with game that no one have but YOU. No help in the network cause it seems that you are the only one who have this problem.

  • Not one plattform/client you have to install Steam, Origin and Uplay.

  • Cause that your Trophies/Achievements are spread over those plattforms and have no value on PC.

  • Not all games have Gamepad-Support even when a console companion game exist (gamepad emo. tools are not an alternative).

  • My PC is to my big TV connected, it worked yes BUT Texts and UI are not optimized for that range. Its way to small on PC and not all games have a scale option. Text and UI on PC are optimized for sitting just in front of the monitor. Keep in mind even when both plattforms runs the same resolution. The Initial-Scale is often different on console.

  • Console AAA exclusives games, yes PC got also nice exclusives but I want to play those games too. So I have to buy a console.

  • On PC games are cheaper yes but you cant sell them. Today not every game have a Demo so on PC is the risk higher when I just want to try that game. What is when its shit? I bought Games like Ac Unity on console for 50 Euro and sold them for 45 Euro cause I dont like them. Impossible on PC.

  • Never Splittscreen, I dont need it but hey we have to be fair Console support way more often then PC.

  • Cant see “played with players” on PC. Many Games on PC support it but sometimes it just dont work like in Evolve, you have to search the players manuell in steam and its always a pain. My brain is not so good to remember 18 chars with upper and lowercase.

  • Parties are not build in, everytime Teamspeak sometimes I say to people: “Hey come into TS” then they reply: “What is that?” So nice player but hes not able no use this software. On Console its so easy to be in a voice-chat-party and its build in.

  • Some games I love are just dead on PC like: BF Hardline, Evolve and AC-Series. There are just no players.

  • Gamepad-Support is often available on PC, yes BUT then its so bad implemented. Gamepad Deadzone is way to high and Acceleration is not consistent on PC. Often I have to patch the .ini that I can play with gamepad on PC.

  • Features like cloud savegames, shareplay, Parties, Communities and tons of other PSN/Xbox Features you will maybe miss on PC.

At the end of the day I can say that for me both plattforms are needed to be a real gamer. Some games I never would buy on console like: Skyrim or The Witcher 3 - The Graphics and Mods are so much more worth then the disadvantages of the PC. How you can see, for me it depends on the game and then I decide from game to game for which plattform I will buy it.

So what would be for me TheMasterRace? I think the MasterRace for me is not invented it for now. It would be a merge from PC and Console. Little bit like Steam Maschines but they have not that features like PSN or Xbox Live. Awesome would be if Sony or Xbox would release their Operating System for PCs. Then you could update your PC Hardware and you still have the PSN or Xbox Live under the hood I think that would be my personal Master Race. All PC and Console Advantages merged but still on PC

Now throw your cents into this discussion! Lets kepp it civil and friendly!

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A civil war…
Keep it civil and friendly? Do you even war?

@MidnightRoses I’d keep an eye on this thread if it goes anywhere.

I understand that you want to discuss this but to be honest, these never work out well no matter how hard we try. I’m sorry but this isn’t the place for a console war.

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OP has requested to give this a try, so very well. Keeping a very close eye on this, so stay classy folks.

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This is just a big can of worms.

PC gives you freedom. In your dark dank basement.

Console limits you. While you play with 4 other friends physically in your living room.

Its why I have a Wii and a PC. Well had a Wii.

Yes and I love it! But keep im mind that freedom means also standardization lost thats not good in all points.

What? You can even play with console over the network?!

Talking more control. Id rather play PC online and console offline because i can pick my input method in most decent PC games. And I play a lot of indie games*, so I see plenty of thise bugs/hardware problems you listed with PC, but they arent as common as you make them out to be.

*by indie I dont mean the billion and one 2D Braid clones.

EDIT: Also you don’t see very many arena/run and gun/movement based shooters on console, evolve aside.

Err… Yeah I doubt this will be very civil… Glad it’s being closely watched.

Much of what the OP said is accurate

I can’t really afford to keep updating a PC. I’m a student and that comes first. I have a laptop that I can use for entertainment and studying but can’t run high end games. Consoles I can get and run games on for the next 5-odd years without worrying I’ll need to upgrade the GPU or anything. Then there are games like MGS which weren’t on PC (at least I’m very sure they were PS exclusive for a good long time).

PC does have more games with a wider range of genres but the hackability of the online games is quite annoying. I rarely see that on console, but on OFPS games it’s very common. Another issue is you can find a lot of assholes on the PC (note, this doesn’t mean they all are. This is not an attack), which you get on the consoles too, but not as much I feel. Perhaps this actually ties in with the hacks… But also the whole “PC master race/console peasants” BS turns me away from them and gives me preconceived notions of what they are like personality-wise.


The only part of the PC master race that is valid is the mouse/keyboard input method being better for FPS (and traditional RTS). And that has nothing to do with skill, just a laser vs an analog stick.

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Easy group audio chat is one plus I give to my console. When my roommates and I play computer games together we get into xbox party chat.

General computer stuff is a bonus. “I am done playing fallout, I want to watch anime!” And I am not limited to what is on Hulu/Crunchyroll/Netflix.

PC gets patches faster but Devs pretty much have to cater to consoles and do their best to make games run at a decent quality for years with no hardware upgrades. As someone who is obsessed with the visual quality of movies and TV shows I don’t really care much for game graphics as long as they aren’t blurry and 30 fps vs 60 fps doesn’t mean much to me.

Playing music and games at the same time is a big thumbs up to PC.

I guess I have weak wrists or something. Using a mouse and keyboard for more than a few hours leaves my right wrist in a lot of pain so I prefer game pads. So if a game is on both I am probably gonna get the console version. (Both for Fallout 4 though! And Evolve!)

I just recently built my computer. I am proud of it and myself for building it. It runs great too! The Battlefront Beta gets 90 fps on high and Evolve gets 90 fps on Ultra. Evolve is one of the few games I think looks great with high fps too! But I won’t be making the change until my roommates and xbox friends stop playing games or start to hate me.

Cuz you’re not the one who has to watch it.


Yeah I agree. I do sometimes miss having a mouse, but I feel I move more accurately with sticks. I can have better control over my acceleration, which is crucial for games like metal gear or driving games.

@MidnightRoses we should get you pizza or cake for doing this… I’m sure this will reach a few hundred posts by the end of the day…

This is my favorite thing that has happened on the forums.

I’d rather not get into this but I really want to become a regular so… here I am. xD.

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well, you did re open it so…



How did you know?

…He asked nicely. :cry:

Thanks for that :smiley: