PC user: Hunt 2.0 matches


Despite repeated efforts I cannot get a match in Hunt 2.0 as Hunter, even when logging on at peak times (Saturday and Sunday afternoons EST on PC; as I type this on a Sunday afternoon SteamCharts says there were 191 people playing 23 minutes ago). I’ve previously waited up to an hour, but the furthest I have ever gotten into the process was to have a team of four hunters selected (finally!), only to be unable to choose a class and have someone eventually leave the lobby. Strangely, giving up and switching over to monster nearly always gets me a game (at busy times) within a few to fifteen minutes.

I don’t know what to think. Is this just rotten luck? I was under the impression that finding matches as hunter was supposed to be easier than finding matches as monster, but this has not been my experience at all. I should note that I don’t have any difficulty getting into Quickplay games, but playing Hunter in 2.0 has proven so difficult that I’m wondering if some sort of technical difficulty is the issue. Have other people experienced anything like this?


This is less of a bug and more of a regional issue. You’re paired up with players in your region. For instance, my region is the East Coast; I get players from Western Europe and out to the West Coast of the US as an example.

If you’re having trouble, it’d be better to pair up with some buddies and play then. What rank are you at currently? The higher silvers have a tougher time getting monsters.


Thanks for the suggested explanation (I’m close to Toronto). Currently I’m a determining rank hunter and haven’t played a single determining match. I’ll keep trying at Hunt 2.0, and work harder at cultivating some determining ranked friends. Perhaps my fortunes will improve once TU9 drops.


I’ll PM you my Steam profile ID, add me. I’m a monster main, so I can give you some basic tactics on how to deal with monsters and the like and get you guys to at least deal with Bronze monsters a little more easily as well as some of the more nuanced things such as when to shield, jetpack management, etc.

Do you mind if I swap out the thread to a Looking For Group? You can do that here too.


No I don’t mind at all! Thank you very much! I’ll keep an eye out for your PM!


Done, and I already sent it. Should be on the top right (fail) with the thread stuff.

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You can add me as well:

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