[PC] US trapper LFT


Hey all, I’m key. I main trapper most but I play just about anything.

I play evolve from the analytic perspective where every piece of info, from birds to tracks to time things take, makes a big difference in predictions. I love guessing exactly where the monster currently is and (most importantly) where it will be.

I’m looking for a team who I can work with to improve on all fronts. If you want to contact me for a try out or just to chat, this thread or on steam works just fine.


hey key, i play medic, support and assault the most. i have owned the game maybe 4 days. i am interested to play a bit n see if we work well. Im Nembar or Joel.


I think I played with you the other day Add me on Steam Lmaolikeacow . You said you shoutcasted right?


I do indeed, but until we get a spectator client it’s a bit stalled.


Add me if you’d like; I’m chisberry on steam, been playing mostly assault or medic in PUGs.


Try here first:


I really think we should get a full comp recruitment subforum. Posting in those just means you get lost in the noise.