PC Unlocks During Beta Pay to Keep?


Is there anyway we can pay to keep the unlocks we earn during the Beta? Might be a good way for TR and 2K to get some extra cash and we dont have to go back to day one again.


A resounding NO. Giving the option to PS4 and PC players to pay to keep their unlocks would lead to a major firestorm 2K and TRS does not want. XBone has the only ability to keep their progressions, and so be it. Microsoft paid for certain perks, and that’s just the way it goes. If some could pay for keeping perks, it would lead to major blowback. There’s too many people who already don’t understand and reject the DLC system, and having characters unlocked before anyone else is just not fair.


Things were adjusted since Alpha as far as how quickly you can acquire unlocks; I believe they said they made it faster. Not sure if Beta’s speed is indicative of Gold, but it might be a good estimate of the extra effort it’ll take to unlock everything again.


Also keep in mind, those people who pre-ordered to get T2 unlocked, they still need to go through the progression system that would have unlocked them. They don’t start at T2 progression and instantly get the jump on leveling up to T3. At least, that is my understanding. I can’t wait to see how long it will take to unlock for the Beta. During the Big Alpha, I know I got T2’s unlocked by the third day, and I missed a lot of testing time due to holiday stuff.


I know as an Xbox player that I will endeavour to hit tier 2 on everything so I can start the full game on tier 3.


That will be the go-to plan for XBox players, and a wise choice. But at the same time, I feel bad for you because you’re gonna have the pressure, as so many of us did in the Big Alpha, to grind as fast as possible to unlock everything you can as fast as you can. I am really looking forward to this Beta to relax and focus play on characters/game modes I want most, without the stress of all that unlocking-ness until February.


The plan is simple.

Play beta

Or it would be if I didn’t have work.


I am really just focused on unlocking the trappers T2 :stuck_out_tongue: ow and Kraken! Really wanna give Wraith a go…


I unlocked everyone in the last beta, and now ill do it again. Oh and just for fun (thanks TR&2K) One more time next month! Just give us the option to have unlocks its a bit bias.

Time to start a kickstarter to pay 2k so we can keep unlocks for PC instead of XBone who is with me!?!


Too late, Microsoft already beat you to it.

(Just Console Exclusive things)


Honestly, I’m kind of glad I won’t have half the game’s progression finished before it’s even released. I’m not normally a person who likes things “locked” but I think if there IS going to be a progression system it’s better if everyone starts fresh at launch.

In my opinion of course.


Nah, I’m just gonna decide to unlock Bucket and that’s it, well I mean that’s the character I want to actually get to first ASAP but the rest I’ll just decide to play as normal and get the rest of the tiers as they come.

But Cabot though. . .


I want to have my hands on Abe and Cabot at launch.


I’d prefer no pay2win gaming to be honest


This isn’t quite pay2win. It’s more like pay2keepyourbetasave. Which is equally silly because-- dang it dangus, we should just be able to keep it if we feel like keeping it.


Your Beta progress WILL save on PC…

Of course, you’ll only see that saved progress on the BETA version of the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh hardy har har. You know very well what I meant, you scoundrel.


Xbox master race.


Look, I’d be game to pay…and I think most of us would! However, people are already on edge due to the way the DLC factor has been spun to the public from certain game sites, and many believe this to be a money-hungry title. Now, those of us in the forums know why the DLC was employed the way it was, and how the maps will be free and not segregate the community, etc. But others don’t know that yet. Now heap on them the notion of being able to pay to keep your Beta progression. They will view this as a very elitist title right out the gate, and Evolve as being a profits first, game second release.

XBox gets their saved progression as a perk. That’s business strategy and is the way marketing is. I don’t like it but hey, it’s how it goes. At least it’s not an exclusive-to-XBox-only item/ability/perk etc. It could be worse. Unlocking it all won’t take much more than a week probably…maybe 2 if you’re not really fighting hard daily for it…time will tell since we know the progression was changed a bit to be easier. What’s the rush?

We don’t need any bad press on Evolve, or a bunch of fence-sitters jumping ship because they get their panties in a bunch over the thought of DLC AND paying for progression souring other folks’ attitude of the game before they even play it. Keep in mind the amount of people in this forum is limited compared to the amount of people who will be checking in to the Beta and/or buying the game. I’ve spoken to several people who still have not even heard of it. Evolve is also going to be a poster child for next gen games of this asymmetrical, DLC-for-longevity game style…and a lot of eyes are watching and putting it on a pedestal. I’m proud that TRS and the devs are part of the community, making a game by gamers and for gamers…it should be the game other companies look to to set an example of how games and community-handling ought to be done right. So far TRS is throwing out all aces, and I really want to keep it that way.


giggles you non-PC players are so cute.