PC unable to play online


game keeps searching and searching, i even left it for 10 min to make sure.
i tried to connect to every single mode without success

i live in Dubai UAE
internet connection 100mb // 10 down 2 up
last games played online far cry 4 and dying light without a single problem to connect, i actually never have problem with any game.
UDP and TCP port open.

So what can i do from there to be able to play online, because the single is kind of underwhelming to me.

thank you

sry for posting in the wrong section but i’d like an answer


Is this PC/PS4/Xbox?


my platform is PC


Do you have any friends to try party with?I’m PC as well but matchmaking has never been my problem.Actually i don’t think anyone having PC problems with matchmaking


which is crazy considering i never had any issue with any game,
hopefully i will try with someone with invitation, never the less this is really not good.
If i have no friend i cannot play online…


No i’m just telling you in order to give it a shot.Also is there any chance of Firewall blocking the game?


firewall is letting pass evolve…
i tried today again still no way to join a match
everything before that works proprly, connecting to server etc…but when i want to join skirmmish etc, it just keep searching
it is infuriating