PC: The Art of Warfare(TAW) Recruitment

Hello Evolve community,
I’d first like to welcome all the new players to Evolve, if you didn’t get a chance to play in the Alpha/Beta you are in for a real treat. The Art of Warfare (TAW) is officially recruiting for Evolve as of Today!

TAW has been supporting the gaming community since 2001. We are a Premier multinational gaming organization, that places friendship, community, and enjoyment above all else. TAW Currently has nearly 2500 active members across 22 games. We provide a fantastic community to all regions NA/EU/Oceanic. We don’t discriminate against anyone and welcome all!

TAW will be focusing on a few major aspects of Evolve.
1: Tournament play to include DGL.
2: Weekly Scrimmages.
3: Internal events.
4: Causal grouping

We have a bunch of events planned for our members over the first few months of launch. And always planning more. We are excited to invite members of the Evolve community to join us.

1: Teamspeak 3 + working Mic
2: Be atleast 15 or older
3: Attend 2 weekly events. Weds & Sat. OC battalion currently is set for 7pm Perth / Manilla time (GMT+8). EU battalion for 7 pm London time (GMT+1). NA battalion for 7pm Chicago time (GMT-6).

If your play schedule is better suited for attending events at a different region than your local that will work as well. For three quick examples a Perth native has the options of 7pm Wednesday, 2 am Thursday, or 9 am Thursday. A Londoner has the options of Noon Wednesday, 7 pm Wednesday, or 2 am Thursday. And finally a Chicago time zoner would have choices between 5am Wednesday, Noon Wednesday, or 7 pm Wednesday.

To Apply visit www.taw.net

If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask. I’m the leader of this Battalion in TAW so anything related to TAW/Evolve I will be happy to assist you with.

Hope to see everyone see,

Evolve Leader


We are currently booming with new members!

Wraiths are also falling to us left and right. No monster shall remain alive!

(Exaggeration, but you get my point :grin: )

I kinda knew it was only a matter of time till TAW came in to recruit :smirk: since they love competitive games. used to be part of the dawn gate portion before that all fell apart XD but no big deal. Hope to see you guys in future and good luck!

I just wanted to post here to welcome anyone interested in joining us at TAW.

I’ve been a semi long time member of TAW and have been affiliated with 3 different game groups for our clan counting Evolve. I have transfered into the Evolve group because I believe it is a great game and look forward to playing with all of you.

My preferred positions in mmo’s have always been healing / support style classes because I love to assist teammates. That personality trait should carry over well into Evolve, and as well for helping our recruits become part of our TAW community.

I am an American, but my schedule and playing hours are flexible enough that I often play games with the European and Oceanic (Asia / Australia) time zones as well.

Speaking of which, during the early stages of TAW’s entry to Evolve I will be personally assisting those of you who live in Europe. So if you are European and have any questions or problems with registerring for TAW please contact me.

TAW id: MMOhealer
Steam id: TAW-MMO
twitch.tv streams: Grengras

Yes sir,

We had to wait till everything was implemented site side as well as placing good leaders with experience in this genre into positions. Everyone here at TAW is very excited for Evolve, and look forward to meeting new people. If you want to game with us just hit us up. We’d be happy to play with you Doddgy.

ha ha good to hear, who knows i might later on, itll have to be after the 13th for sure though cause I need to finish up some art stuff for uni by then so well see :wink:

No worries. You know our TS info, just pop in for a few rounds when you’ve got time. Or hit me here in PM to get the latest/greatest info.

Ive seen this “guild/clan/whatever” in like 5 of the games i play.

yaaa there everywhere nbd

You most likely have. We currently support over 22 games, so high chance of crossing paths. Looking forward to seeing you ingame Zhoyzu!

i remember BSB and TAW were big with hawken. it was a good game at one point lol.

how did hawken go down hill?

first of all, as far as i know the developers abandoned it. i searched the forums and there was little to no activity, all the “elite” have moved on and there hasnt been an update in like a year now.

oh wow 0_0 i didnt think something like that would happen reminds of towns…

We still hold a small group of hawken guys in our community. But not surprising the game is all but dead. Development has ceased, official forums are down, and all site news has been disabled. I’m sure the servers are running till their contract expires then the game is gone.

But if yall enjoyed our Hawken group swing by once Evolve releases. Will be a great time.

Nearing the release of Evolve. I hope everyone is prepared with pre-download, snacks, drinks, and plenty of time. If you are interested in joining TAW check us out at www.taw.net.

See everyone on Shear.

I’m glad to see so much interest in TAW’s involvement. 6 hours to go and we have quite a few guys raring to go tonight.

Just wish I could be one of them, but I made the stupid move a few months back of pre-orderring with Amazon instead of Steam because I wanted a hard copy. I was stuck out of the Beta cause of not having a keycode on hand. Now I am feeling very foolish indeed when I see that the Steam USA people will be playing in 6 hours. I checked my shipping order a minute ago only to find its nowhere near me and probably not going to arrive until mid-day tomorrow or later. Really ticked off at Amazon and myself. I actually spent extra money to make sure I could play it when the game went live. “Same-day” shipping is such a lie. Can’t believe I spent an extra $14 on special shipping that will be hours or even a full day late. -_-

Oh well. Hope to see everyone in-game as soon as I can!

Happens to the best of us Grengras, Will be lot’s of action still waiting for you tomorrow! We will be holding a release event with TAW members. If anyone wants to join us let me know I’ll add you on steam!

What a amazing release night we had! Got to play with some great hunters new and old alike. Looking forward to playing with everyone some more today!

I’m so sad that my delivery still has not arrived. But hey at least according to tracking it’s in my local area now… and they did give me a refund for the shipping since it was so delayed! xD

And this time of not playing has been very productive for our group because it’s allowed me to find a few people to join us. It’s been great hearing them on our teamspeak all playing together… and soon I too will be joining them thank the gaming gods! xD