PC Technical Issues - READ BEFORE - the 1x1 how to get HELP


Hello Ladys and Gents,

since theres alot of Bugposting wich also include alot Technical Issues, i wanted to give some advice how you can recieve the help that you need.

At the very first what we need is your ! COMPLETE SYSTEM DATA !

  1. This includes your CPU Model, the speed its running + the Coolingsystem used on

  2. Your Graphicscard full name

  3. Motherboard, its Rev. Number and the Bios Number currently installed

  4. Power Supply Unit, Full Name and Watts.

  5. Harddrives (Full Name)

  6. Full Name of your DDR2/DDR3/DDR4 Ram, the Speed and the Timings + Voltage (usually been found on the Package youve recieved, or on the Vendorsite).

  7. Wich Windows is in use Vista,7,8,8.1, 10? 32 Bit or 64 Bit?

How do i get the Data wich is needed?

As for the Powersupply Unit it only requires one single sharp picture from the Sticker on its Side, or if you have the Name in your head just add it.

The Same is for the CPU Cooling System, just a picture is enough, or the name of it. (This is useful in case of overheating)

A “DXDIAG” will find out wich CPU you have put into your PC Rig and most likely also names your Motherboard, the “Revision” and where it can be found is usually explained in your Handbook or on your personal Vendor Site (i.E. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI etc)

Your Harddrive can be found with the tools linked below.


http://www.cpuid.com/ This Website provides HWMonitor and CPU-Z - these two offer alot of information about the System, including full names of Hardware, Temperatures and so on.

http://www.aida64.com/ Brings you pretty much the same like HWMonitor, but it doesnt show all the data in the free Version.

http://crystalmark.info/software/CrystalDiskInfo/index-e.html is the Site where you can get the most detailed Information about your Harddrives.

Follow up all the Steps, collect your Full System Data before and put that, the Data you’ve collected, into the Forumsthread that you are actually creating, this Way it is alot easier for the supportive People around here to help you out.

Additional Information:

Before starting, with the Tools provided you can check by yourself if there already is a Heatproblem that might causes stuttering while playing your favourite Game.

For AMD its around 60°C CPU/Socket Temperature when the Throtteling (decrease of CPU Speeds) begins.

For Intel i3/i5/i7 its more likely around a “Core-Temperature” above 80-85°C Maybe even 90°C, depending on the Generation.


You might have to Update your Motherboard “BIOS”, in rare cases your System will hang up or crash wich will corrupt your Bios, so please make sure you have at least JUST IN CASE another Board in your hands, or one of these really good “Dual Bios” Mainboards, also

make sure you do understand how to reset your Bios


Before downloading and starting with a Biosupdate , deactive Windows Firewall and Windows Protector - also its alot safer to uninstall your current Antivirus, since some of them do not properly deactive if you want them to do.

And even after that, it is on your own Risk to perform a Biosupdate, if all Steps above has been followed it should probably work, but that is still no guarantee.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND any Bios Update for Graphicscard, NEVER - i tried it 6 Times and all of these trys were a result in a dead Graphicscard, if there are issues with it, please go in contact with your Vendor.

/Request Sticky if possible @ArPharazon

Example Picture of collecting Data with HWMonitor and CrystalDiskInfo 6.5.2 + CPU-Z

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This must have taken you some time to do. :smile:

Thanks for taking the time to do this, you’re awesome. :wink:

Hopefully this will help a lot of people.



Thanks for posting this, @EAX

Some notes:

  • EAX is not part of TRS; he is a user who has generously provided help many times to other PC users on these forums.
  • This post applies to PC users. Xbox One or PS4 users, instead of the above instructions, please just let us know which console you are using. :smile:
  • Please understand that the Evolve forums are not a place where you can get professional technical support for your PC. Please understand that if you make any changes to your system, you do this at your own risk. You must take onto yourself the responsibility for any consequences that result from taking advice given here.


someone help me i cant buy any of the hunters in the game and i talking about evolve stage 2 , please i cant login to the servers sometimes and now a i have the money to buy one carácter please turtle rock or anyone help i really want to play more but i cant buy any monster o hunter please help


The game keeps crashing my whole PC after 30-150m…
The game is seriously unplayable and I feer for the integrity of my rig if I keep playing it -.-
Thanks for finding a fix ASAP!