[PC] TAW is looking for new members


TAW is a clan that offers groups for many games including Evolve, Battlefield, Call Of Duty. The TAW community is currently looking to expand its Evolve group in both the competitive, and non competitive scene. If you’re interested come sign up at taw.net

Non competitive Practice occurs at 20:00-21:00 EST on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Competitive Practice occurs at 21:30-22:30 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. All skill levels are welcome to come on over. There is always a place to fill in the TAW community.


How big is the Evolve portion?


Currently one competitive team, but more are in the process of being made. We have around 20 active users currently. Around 30 in non competitive.


Ah that sounds pretty cool.


Yeah we’re an active community, and I hope to see you around :smiley:


It’s more PC though isn’t it?


Currently the Evolve Branch is only PC


Yea I thought so lol.


Seeing as you operate on US time zones for your mandatory events, yet claim to have members from around the world - I’m assuming it would be very difficult for a European to actually commit to the mandatory events.

Edit: Nevermind, see you have a EU platoon for Evolve :smile:


Cool community but I don’t think I can commit to those requirements. The time slot seems to be an issue as Im all the other way on the west side of tbe Pacific.

Would I still be free to participate in practice as a monster?


These are the times for US Evolve. An EU platoon should be up, and with different times that can accommodate you guys :smiley:


This is the one @MaddCow is in, is it not?

I’ve seen your members around a fair few times. Good players.


Maddcow is currently the coach of the competitive Evolve team. He’s a good coach, and most are willing to learn from him.