PC System Requirements


I know there are posts about this already but they are dormant. Any update on required specs? How about recommended specs? What do I need to play on Ultra? I know it’s a cryengine3 game but is it as demanding as crysis 3?


Read thru the other if you don’t find an answer post it there and someone is sure to help you out. @Plaff @SlinkyGuy @Alex_Versnel or any other moderator would you move or close this thread?


Yea, no official info yet but Crysis 3 is a good benchmark. If you can run Crysis 3 on Ultra well, you will probably be pretty well off for Evolve.


Yeah, like @FrontlinerDelta said, there’s still no news on recommended PC specs. I’m sure that there’s nothing else that needs to be said here so I’m gonna go ahead and close this.