[PC] Survival Saturdays Week 2 signups!


Hey Guys, just thought i’d let you know, SS week one was a huge success. We’re looking forward to WEEK 2!
Eyes on You beat EPEX Apocalypse in the Finals.

Huge games, All the teams that competed had alot of fun!

Start Time:

Start Time: 6PM UTC/GMT

This was changed to help accommodate EU and PST players.

##How to Register##
Any team that registered on www.MetaBattles.net, will be registered for the August 15th weekend tournament on PC!

Email me: alex.seeds@yahoo.com
Google Chrome has disabled Silverlight, we’re currently rewriting the entire site to be HTML 5. In the meantime, you can use any other browser and it will let you.

##For Community Members NEW to Competitive##
This is a promise to the community:

This is done by an different style of bracketing, similiar to a gauntlet style.
For week 2: the Top 4 teams will be put into a separate bracketing system, granting them Byes from the Open Group Stage.

Tournament will begin on August 15th. We’re taking this weekend off due to Gamescom
[Psst you guys should watch it :wink: ]

Look forward to seeing you all then!

P.S.: we’re always looking for casters/broadcasters


Cool, I Might be playing with a team in it this time, not sure. The thing these tournaments are about still kinda kill it for me and my Caira maining ways :s

Great fun to watch though :smile:


You seemed fine on Lazarus :wink:


I have officially posted on this thread!


Exactly what the community tournament itself needs I think :slight_smile:

Edit: Also… doesn’t this clash with the next Community Tournament? :confused:


Sadly, this weekend, half the teams are competing in Gamescom, so i cant run it this weekend, and we already had teams commit to the schedule created and announced back in July.

Its a pickle of a situation. Sundays cant work, and for an international tournament that has teams with both EU and NA players, Weekdays arent an option for a 1 day tournament.

We’re looking at possible solutions and we’re trying to figure something out (we as in my team of admins).


The idea would be that after this weekend you’d do another next weekend to get back in sync? Or do you envisage it being different crowds for the two events?


We’re running weekly. However we didn’t want to mess with the seeding properties by having our EU players not being available to play this weekend, giving NA an advantage.

The community cup, is Bi-Weekly, so there will be conflict weekends, and non-conflict weekends.

TBH, i’d like to see the community cup being the Introduction to competitive, and SS being an introduction to higher tier competitive.

We’ll see how things develop. Its a pickle atm


You know what is good about this? Its a tourney on Saturday. Which means, I dont have to worry about missing family time with my family on Sundays… which means… you all should play 0.0



And I too (because everyone cares) have OFFICIALLY posted on this thread!

In all seriousness, I hope more people come out to participate, whether that be through in-game or twitch. Should be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to next Saturday :smiley:

Much wow, such excite. :dog:


Cool Tourney Much Doge


No, my lazarus is garbage :s


Saddening… Funnest+hardest medic to play, and you don’t even try with him.
But give you the most boring/easiest medic to play, and you have the time of your life. o.O


Lazarus is boring to me, Caira is the most fun to me. Sorry I guess :s


You’re a strange individual, Moiser. ^.-


Come on now. You know how much I love Caira, I can’t just suddenly start playing other stuff. :s


Caira might get Jealous…


Hey Guys, Just a reminder to signup if your team is interested!
Share with other teams! Lets have some fun :smile:

and, Jack is ALLOWED


the community needs more teams for all platforms… Ive decided to help others now with team building over various platforms. sign up here