PC Stuttering and framerate dips

my rig is

Intel Core I7 5820K @ 4.3ghz
EVGA GTX 980 Classified
ASUS X99-Pro
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 4x(4GB) DDR4 @2666mhz
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

have latest 347.52 nvidia driver installed.

game seems to run smooth then when moving around or sometime changing weapons. game framerate dips from 100 fps to like 10fps or even just just plain freezes for a good second. then continues. sometimes its so bad that game will just plain freeze for more than a second then crashes showing DXGI device hang error cryengine.

also noticed that even on high pre set (not very high) all 4GB’s of my VRAM is being used. not sure if this has anything to do with the stuttering. if i set game to medium quality. game still stutters but only uses 2.4GB of vram instead of all 4GB’s.

here is a picture of playing the game on high settings 1920x1080 gsync enabled with all 4 gb’s being used and huge frame drops happening.

Yes, I have this problem as well. It seems to stutter when a new event is triggered or when it’s loading a particular variable that hasn’t been loaded before. Once it’s happened, it doesn’t seem to stutter again under the same circumstances but I still frequently get hiccups from time to time. Also using a GTX 980 and turning down all settings to low hasn’t helped this. Check my post here:

having chrome or anything else open before launching the game did nothing.

and the issue you are having, i am keep having on and off as well. for some stupid reason the game is only using 40% gpu usage instead of 99% usage like it should be.

IDK what the fuck turtlerock did but this game is all messed up. i’ve never had these issues with the beta and alpha yet now, for retail they come out of no where???

Yeah, it’s a damn shame how EVERY game nowadays seems to be released broken at launch. The last time I remember a PC game coming out optimized was Max Payne 3…here’s hoping Turtle Rock fixes these issues soon or they will lose a lot of the people who want to take their ‘flagship’ title seriously, despite all the DLC madness. I love the concept of Evolve and even bought the PC Monster edition, you can imagine my disappointment with these current issues that weren’t there in the Alpha and Beta.

Someone posted that the stuttering could be related to the day one 3GB patch that “fixed” long loading times, possibly retiring some textures and assets to pre-load before the game starts. This would make complete sense that now with shorter load times, textures, assets and variable events are being loaded on the fly causing stutters. I wonder whether an option or tweak could be made available to pre-load instead. I’d much rather prefer longer load times than constant hitching.

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Yeah, makes sense. I would also prefer longer loading times rather than the constant stuttering in the worst moments (sometimes even every 30 seconds!)

So good to hear someone with 4gb vram has this very same issue as me with 2gb, just goes to show there is a problem somewhere.
My system WILL run on very high, but the dips are annoying as hell! Textures are the problem, everything on very high, textures on medium and all is fine.

I’ve replied to a few threads here about this issue. On all settings I have serious frame drops and stuttering. Makes this game very annoying to play. It’s worse on the higher settings but even on Med and Low I get some, and who the hell wants to play this on Medium! Beta played better on my old 650 Ti card. My current rig is i5 4690k, Radeon R290 w 4GB VRAM, 8gb ram. Should be able to run this game maxed out and with no problems. Honestly it makes me less then excited to play it until they get it fixed. So happy I bought this day one at full price!!!

It´s A VRAM issue…Turn it down so you use less VRAM ,Turn down Model Details.

Only 2gb VRAM here have to play on medium…

Yesterday I didn’t notice any stutters IIRC, might be that I disabled broadcasting from the Steam Beta interface. I’ll keep an eye on that.

Its not a vram issue, it happens in all settings. One situation that this sttuter happens everytime ( First time you use it after opening the game ) Is the cabot`s dust.

i think its a Vram issue.


Its a Vram or ms timer issue. Turn the Settings down and all is fine.

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