[PC] Steamgroup for people that wants serious fun


Hi everyone.

We are just a steamgroup to join for the reason to find other people to be with. If you want to join us feel free to add me on steam. The link to my account you can find right at the bottom. I want the group to be functional but not to seriously.
We would like to have static roles.

What you should be:

  • A good gamer. Means a guy who gets better over time and doesnt get stuck with his fails.
  • You should want to become “very good”. (Not ESL or MLG, but pretty profesional)
  • You NEED a mic.
  • You should be able to speak and understand english.
  • We would like if you are at least 16+ better would be 18+.
  • Bring some time with you. I am also at my training at the moment so I understand if you are can not be online all day, but you should have some time in the evenings to play with use.
  • You dont need ANY experience in Evolve.

We are not like such hardcore groups like: “You need to be online every free minut you have!”, but we would enjoy if we could play together every day.

The main target of this group is getting things easy. Not making huge rules or stuff like this to makes things more complicated then they need to.
Join the group, let the other know who you want to play and what you are locking for and I am sure there will be some people for you to play with.

If you think that sounds good feel free to add me in Steam!
Steamaccount: Aschewolf
If there are any questions left just ask me in Steam. (Fastest response)
Steamgroup: Evolve Master Hunters

See you on the hunt,


But…I WANT to become MLG level of pro.

Pre-order cancelled—wait…I can’t do THAT!


serious fun is a contradiction.


Some people have fun stomping nubs y’know.


Are you from Germany?

I sent you a friends request.

Should be from N7SpectreElite or Negrant


Invite sent --> Profile name should be Oyakodon


I’m 15…is that ok? can i still join?