[PC]Repulsor issue


I play Jack as hunter.Here is what I found during the game

When I face to Wraith and I feel it gonna use abduction on me.So I use repulsor to stop it.Is this possible to avoid abduction when the light is green on it?


Abduction is an ability, not a traversal. The Repulsor shouldn’t affect it.

Edit: As seen below, I was incorrect.


I thought Jack’s repulsors worked on leap smash and it technically isn’t a traversal.


You may be right, I don’t play against Jack often. But I don’t remember the repulsor affecting monster abilities.


The repulsor effects traversals and abilities. The only thing it doesnt effect is pounces.


That’s what I was thinking of!!


This is why I like Jack so much. I don’t decide to use Jack because of his Tracking ability, or his Primary weapon. I like what I can do to protect my teammates, annoy the monster, and prevent the monster from doing, with the repulsor.


But it does effect abduction, I’m just confused right now.,.

Don’t forget stopping the monster from running away. :joy:


Why did you only quote half my post?

I pointed out my error:


yea, it does :slight_smile:

Effect Goliath A Lot.

Stops Charge, and LS