PC Rank 40 500h pro player looking for placement match hunter group


normaly i dislike groups because im not chatty but i dont want to play with low ranks in the ranking matches because i know where that leads so im looking for other players who are at least rank 40
to team up with

i can play every hunter

add me on steam:

I’d change that rank 40 to lvl 40, would make you sound a bit more legit :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean, boost you?

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Calling people kids and 12 year olds doesn’t leave a very good impression on possible hunters that want to play with you…just saying :s

So much love :o

You lost all credibility when you went for personal attacks.

Well done.

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Dude. No need to be a dick. I owned them too before this patch took place as Behemoth! But you know what? They’re a good team to play against and to talk with. @ToiletWraith Is a great Hyde player and she knows what’s she’s doing. I just think she goes a little too fast for her team to keep her alive since she loves melting faces haha. Her and her team are great people and great players. You think you’re good? I’ve killed ESL teams with Goliath and Behemoth which are the two hardest monsters to play. But you know what? I know my place, and trust me, if you have to go Kraken like she said, then you’re not that good of a monster no offense. Egotistic people are the people I love to stomp most >:3

That’s not how I remembered it. We lost becaus of a mistake and then we crushed you the next round.

Anyway, this thread and your reputation:


You have never beaten me. At all. But hey, whatever float your boat.

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I’m not sure if you’re with or against me. But I don’t mind.


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I’m with you. And I’ve played with you before and you get a little carried away with your fuckin flamethrower so you can fuckin melt their fuckin faces with it haha xD

I have though! It was funny too because we were like, “that wasn’t legit! YEAH IT WAS!” XD

What are you trying to say? :confused:

You guys beat me a couple time too though! I was just saying that this guy that’s talking shit about you isn’t that good if he needed Krakwn to win. Like I said you guys are an awesome team :slight_smile:

My one and only warning. Personal attacks are NOT tolerated. If you have nothing constructive to say, refrain from posting please.

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Yes sir…

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I don’t have hands to facepalm with :stuck_out_tongue:

Use your hooves!!! XD

Calm down DV. Notice that his post was also flagged. We don’t play sides here. If you feel that we don’t treat you fairly you are welcome to leave.

You’re not gonna get anyone to play with if you keep talking like that by the way D: