PC: Quick Play or Hunt? (shorter que times)


For shorter wait times, do you que into quick play or hunt?


I rarely hop on the PC but Quickplay finds me games faster. Even if the population is low it will let you play against a single player and fill in with bots.


Oh yeah that’s right! I forgot about that. Thanks!


recently ive had back to back games in hunt tbh, but quickplay is faster overall


Quickplay during the week and Hunt 2.0 on the weekend mostly. Also check out the DICE tournament this weekend, should be fun.


QP is like 30 sec, usually full or at least 3 already.

Hunt is 10 - 15 minutes at Silver Skilled as monster, as premaid Hunt it would be 5-8 minutes at Silver Expert (apart frequent dodging, which can prolong it up to 15 minutes)

This is EU between 18-24 (+3 GMT)