PC/PS4 : Whose excited for the new maps?


I sure as hell am! It’s only 5 more days until we finally get the maps in, and I’m super excited to see what they’re like.
I can’t wait to see what they bring for us :3
I’m also super hyped about getting new conversations, but there’s no exact ETA on that yet. (I’m sure Matthew said about 6-8 weeks, 2 weeks ago.)


I’m super excited! :smiley: I wonder if there will be cupcakes hidden in the new maps.


Have you found any in any of the already existing maps? I’ve actually spent time searching for these things a few times but never found a single one (not including dropship one or sunny’s gun)


Nope, not yet. But I did see that someone had found one in the cupcake thread. Looked away instantly because I didn’t want to spoil the location for myself, but I know they are there.


More like who’s not.

I gotta set up a custom once they come out and play the hell out of them.


YES excited, I am!


@b1nge We know they are there, and yes, I found one with a few friends. :slight_smile: Not hard.


Give me/us at least a hint :open_mouth: I’ve searched on Dam & Refueling tower but they’re all pretty big maps so you can easily miss them


A hint? Kay.

Cupcakes may be bad for your health, but acid is worse.



Tbh i dont care for new maps. I want the issues this game has fixed.


So if I take a hit of acid, I’ll see cupcakes everywhere? :ok_hand:

Haha, damn. There are alot of maps with acid water tho… But now you’ve made ma really curious


Yayyy…Another 2 maps that i will never remember their name :smirk:


to be honest?

i couldnt care less lol


As long as I have Refueling Tower to stomp people out on I’m happy (haven’t lost on refueling tower, never will)


I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to play as behemoth in the mine!


The broken hill factory sucks broken hill Mine is good


New maps might be interesting, but I’m not exactly excited. O.o