PC Press Release- Crash after 2 to 3 minutes of play


So I’ve tried multiple times to get through the tutorial. After the stealth phase everytime the game just crashes and im back to desktop. Is there a crash report in this build or has anyone encountered this?


the beta is over… (unless you have the press release build?) for like 2 weeks now


I do. So I guess thats what I should have called it.


Yesterday was a day where I and a few others experienced multiple DCs and crash-outs that completely shut the game off. I can’t say this happened within the first few minutes, however, as my first experience had me just a few hits away from the third generator win in Defend from Evac. mode! SOOO angry I missed out on the XP. I suffered two crash-outs during evac. defend mode. Then, within the first five minutes of any given hunt mode there were DCs experienced by both myself and a couple people I was playing with.

That said, if you are consistently experiencing the crash during the tutorial…skip the tut. and try to get into matches and see what happens.


I finally made it through the tutorial this monring and then on my first match i was the monster, killed three monsters was eating them and pop…


Need some details here to help with the debugging, going to steal this from my other post:

What point of the load does the error occur?

Exactly what happens when the game crashes, goes black, locks up. screen flickers etc?

Is portcullis running and authenticated?

What are your system specs?

Any other details that might be unique to your set up? (unusual
software like the cry engine SDK or running streaming software, having
SLI’d graphics cards etc)


Is this really a suprice for alot of people? been telling that the Dc/crashes are and have been common from the big alpha and prolly even before this to the release version.

Go look any video from any build that they have showcased and you will see 1-2 persons Dc/crahs in every full lenght game video. Bug is still not fixed.


They might be common but I didn’t experience a single DC in the beta or crash and I had one dc during the alpha. Out of 36 hours for the alpha and 50 something for the beta.


Still gotta keep barking about this, and then hopefully it doesent take 2 moths to fix the crashing like did on bf4.


i just posted this issue have the same issue after 2 or 3 games on low settings pc shutsdown and restarts whole pc!!!