PC players?

What keeps you coming back? What class do you play most and how are pubs now that that playerbase has dwindled? Mostly good players or still plenty of no good scrubs? when I do end up playing now I just play monster and save myself the frustration of pubs.

If you play solo you mostly get pub scrubs, then every now and then you’ll get a game as the monster against a decent premade.

Playing in a four stack means free wins forever. I can’t remember the last time I lost playing with my team.

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I only play when I can get a 4-man together, and I choose Evolve because there’s really nothing else as fun right now. Occasionally I’ll do some BF4, and recently was convinced to pick up KF2, but Evolve is still the fresh new thing for me.

Seems like we play a lot of bad to decent monsters a night, and then eventually we’ll run into one really good monster player which will catch us by surprise and stomp us after we’ve spent all night getting used to mediocrity. If we’re lucky they’ll stick around and we’ll get a handful of good games in, but more often than not they leave after that one round and it’s back to pubstomping.

If the matchmaker’s in a particularly bad mood it’ll stick a new/low-level player in with us, which is just silly. Lowest so far is level 4. We usually play a round against them just in case they’re a platform transplant or something, but we will leave to let them find a more appropriate game before we just ruin their night.

Moments like this ^.^ also because its fun to play with friends

I play monster and for the most part, people are good, but against randoms its usually a stomp, they lack coordination.
Meeting a premade is awesome though ^.^
Although nowadays I mainly play customs with buds, finally got around to adding people :stuck_out_tongue:

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Monster. Monster play keeps me coming back really. Good games that extend outside the realm of human or human esc always draw my attention. Not exactly common and have much more unique gameplay and thought behind them. Pubs vary I think as much as any game.

What keeps me coming back…Easy. The game. Because at its core and in its element, it is an absolutely amazing experience. And yes, the majority of games are marred by bugs, exploits, players, characters, etc, but when you do get those amazing games- and get them you do- it’s enough to draw you in again and again and again. The memories are powerful.