PC Players (Just Want You To Know)


I know have my VERY OWN Steam account, no more bullshit to login into my dad’s account and explain to people why my name is “Madcock71” Look at my profile if you are confused why. So now I am letting the Downloads download on steam for Evolve, no more waiting to say I can’t play :smiley:

Anyways my gamertag is Da_1_Specialist now

EDIT: Nevermind, it’s not downloading Step 1: Get permission from my dad to okay the request :stuck_out_tongue: Then I’ll be good to go


Lol… Madcock… cx


Exactly, that’s thee #1 reason I chose to create a new account :stuck_out_tongue:


Moved it to “looking for members” because you are looking for people to fill up your steam friends list.