PC Players! Help! I dislocated a finger playing Slim! Twice! WHICH BUTTON DO I USE?!


I’m trying to bring my skill with Slim up to that of my other Medics. Which is different depending on who you ask but anyway.

My biggest issue is that **********ing Healburst.






Which button do you use for Slim’s burst heal? 4? A Mouse Macro? I use a Dell Mouse and it has two macros, one of which is busted, so that’s out of the question.

Halp plox.


i use rmb an shift to ads


But then you have to change it every single time you play another character, right? Which is something I’d like to avoid if at all possible. :3


me? rmb used for all my class ability


Ah, that explains it.

How do you cope using Shift for ADS? Especially with characters like Val, where it’s essential for some things like tranqs/sniping.


try it you might like it give 1 or 2 days to adjust to ads as shift


Ok, thanks. I’ll certainly try it. :slight_smile:


thats silly val is my fav class/hunter to play


but if i had to guess i played bfhero’s back in the day ads was shift as default due to only one class used it at 1st


I use ESDF for movement and WRQA for Hunter weapons, with A being the class ability. QWRT for Monster abilities.

No need for numbers ever again!


Allocating you middle mouse button to 4 helps a lot.

But only if you can get used to it. If it doesn’t work out, E key is pretty useful for class abilities too.


The original (Pre-beta) default key for it “V”.


Why did you change it then?


Uh, MY issue with Slim is that he’s so boring. Pew pew switch bduh switch pew pew.
I’m usung additional mouse key far all class abilities.


I use a thumb button for class abilities. Always have. Even though 90% of my characters never ADS in this game, RMB is too easy to accidentally press IMO, besides I don’t want to swap mouse profiles constantly.


I think he’s a lot of fun. But I’ve always had a bad aim…So it’s painful to see me play him. :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you play Parnell then? :smiley:


…I don’t. ^.- When have I ever claimed to be good at Parnell? I played him for kicks once or twice when drunk but not seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just buy XONE gamepad and use aimbot then. And u will get some nice immersive vibration when someone does something ingame. Like then goliath is running somewhere near you can FEEL THE GROUND SHAKE THAT’S FUCKING 10/10.