PC Players, are you interested in Minceraft? (Minecraft)


For now, we will be using the “evolve” client for server hosting.

Today we got 100upload 100download speed, after 3 weeks of nagging our provider. Now, I remember saying something about making a little minecraft server. Is anyone interested? We’d probably be playing on version 1.7 rather than 1.8, since it seems to be heavily favoured by mods (If anyone mods their game and whatnot.)

Let me know here if you’re interested, if enough take interest I might just set one up for fun. :slight_smile:


Hell yeah I am! :smile:


I’ve never actually done Minecraft in multiplayer, so I guess it would be worth trying, especially since someone on here a long while back made Minecraft Evolve Skins.


Not really, but now that I read this…



Anyway, I know Notch, the creator is like super depressed and stuff now but it is a great game :smile:


I just wanna build a house and cuddle Shinneh. :3



I’m gonna see if I dont remember how to set myself a server up and then we’ll get someone to test it :stuck_out_tongue:


We can all download the “Evolve” software that allows for closed servers that act like public servers and make a community world. Someone would have to host it but it could have all PC Evolvers play MC together.


We can use this thing to make a “server”.


Huh… I never knew what that was up until now.


I would love to join!! :smile:


Wait wait wait… I’ve used that before… Isn’t it an alternative to hamachi?


It basically simulates a server.

Say if I were to do it (With my amazing computer) we could invite Donut, MidnightRoses, Shin, Pythios, you, Sledge, and more and we can run it fine.

All data for the world would be stored on my PC and anyone could play on the world as long as I left it running.


Yes, it’s basically exactly that. It seems easier too because I don’t understand hamachi at all.


And if I switch my PC off and the server ends, does it save the server so I can launch it up again?


I’m not sure how many players this can hold… And pretty much everyone needs to download the client for this to work :stuck_out_tongue:


If I were the Host then you can obliterate your computer and nothing would happen except you being out of a computer.

Evolve doesn’t affect saves or anything, it just allows others to join you because it makes a LAN server appear as a normal server to anyone in the Evolve party.

Also as far as I know, anyone who downloads it and joins the party can join the server so theoretically we could have everyone on the forums on the server as long as whoever is hosting’s computer would be able to handle it.


I dont get it .-.


I’ll try doing it the old fashioned way before resorting to hamachi or evolve client, they tend to limit you on how many people can be in at once :3