PC players... anyone?!


Ive tried to play this game twice in the last week. both times I get pinned with 3 other hunters who 1- dont have a mic and 2- dont know how to play this game AT ALL!

are there any decent players left on PC? should I just uninstall? this game has serious potential at a competitive bracket which is why i enjoy playing… but I cant bring myself to play with the players ive encountered the last two times ive been in game… maybe the ranking system jacked this all up? when it put u with players that were all max level, u knew they had the game hours to understand the basics of the game… now… im stuck at silver skilled and cant move, because im pinned with horrible players with no communication.

anyways… if there are any legit PC players out there still that take this game seriously PM me so we can play.


I play PC and am decent, been here since the beginning.
But I don’t use a mic…
Edit: been with the game since they revealed kraken, made a forum account some time after release.


Changed category to ‘looking for group’ so it’s easier for people looking for other players to find the thread. :slightly_smiling: