PC player looking for team


Lets face it, I am past level 20 now and I am tired of playing with randoms. They are fairly uncoordinated, hardly have mics and don’t mesh together well against an experienced monster. I am looking for a team/players that have access to TS, mic’s, knowledge of tactics, take the game seriously (But have fun), and looking to potentially play in tourneys or other events. Feel free to add me on steam (Dagnome) so we can get the ball rolling. I am very excited to play this game with legitimate players.


Already a couple of LFG threads to choose from, while looking around, create a session here,

Once you´ve done that you could use the link from the chat window and post it here at the Turtle rock Forum.


If you are on the PC version I would like to offer you to join our TAW clan’s group for playing. We have our private teamspeak server and a private TAW Evolve steam group. Makes it easier to get a consistent grouping with fellow mic players who actually care about playing like a team. And we are definitely looking forward to days in the future when we will have a presence in competitions.

If you’re interested you can look our clan up on our website www.taw.net or send me private messages with any questions you may have. I’ll send you a friend invite with my TAW-MMO steam account so you can respond to me easier.