PC player looking for monster


If there are any monster players out there that want to play versus us please add me on steam, name is “BabyMoseN” We are quite the inexperienced team and would like to fight against someone who at least know how to play correctly so we can learn new strategies. It’s rare to meet any good monsters on pub, but I know there are many crazy players out there that would beat us hard! :smile:

Even if you are an inexperienced monster and want to train against a semi-coordinated team feel free to add me just as well, we just want to play to improve and if you can also do that in the process it’s just awesome! But yeah I can’t say that we are that good so if you are that special pro player don’t expect anything magical from us… :blush:

And yeah I might record our matches and put them up on youtube, dosent matter if we win or lose brutaly! However if you are not okay with that you can just tell me and I will respect your will and not record at all ofcourse!

And yeah sorry for broken english it’s not my main language so pardon me for that.

My steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BabyMoseN


Added you on Steam! Looking forward to facing you guys! What time zone are you in?


I have sent you a request as well. I look forward to helping you learn.


GMT + 01:00, so around 6:00 p.m today! My work starts soon and It’s really early in the morning over here. But glad to see that there are people willing to play with us cheers! :smile:

I am not 100% sure about this timezone stuff it alwayse confuses me, but either way I will message all people that has added me and the person who respond first and is willing to play get’s to play with us first, hopefully that’s most fair! :sweat_smile:


First matches done vs Titangilas. Must say all close matches and real fun evening thanks for playing with us tonight dude we learnt alot and I heard you did to so I’d say it was a pretty successful night! :relaxed:

And yeah you probably love Griffin and Val now don’t you… :grin:


Added, I’ll train your team up if you want