PC player looking for guns!


PC gamer for 21 years, ended up not having a PC for release and achieved lvl 40 (all hunters elited) on PS4 and lvl 36 on XBox One (4 elited). Finally got my house done and back on PC where I belong. Looking for ppl with mics and know what direction to point their weapons. Don’t need to be top of any charts but it seems like knowing that you have more than 1 weapon is a big skill gap with PC players. Hoping to find some decent players to have fun with and hunt some monsters!

Class pref would be Sup, Med, Ass, Trap but can play them all well.
Please don’t let me down PC community :slight_smile:


Supporting the Medic who’s Ass is a Trap? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d hit that with a rock throw.


;-; Kill Daisy instead.



We’ve just started up a steam group for this reason, here’s my post about it.


I’ve finally got a PC at home up and running with Evolve, I’m on sporadically but would be cool to get a game in.

Steam name is SlabOMeat.


It’s official- OP has hit the jackpot.


I wish devs casually played on consoles. ;/


Thanks everyone! Added ya Slab and the others that have posted! Looking forward to meeting more people and hunting us some big game :slight_smile:


Add me too. Stream name is Cardboard Yojin. I need to game with some other old guys here.