PC Player LF active competitive team


Hey guys,

i’m looking for an active competitive evolve team to play leagues and tournaments in the future.

About me:
My main class is support. At the end of the beta i was ranked as #34. My actual rank is about #180.
I’m 26 years old and from Germany. I’m playing Evolve daily. I’ve my own teamspeak server and experience in competitive e-Sport for over 8 years.

About you as a team:

  • Your minimum age is 18.
  • You speak English and/or German.
  • You’re also interested in playing evolve competitive and have enough time to do so (Minimum 4 times a week)
  • You’re interested in bringing tactics and effectiveness to the limit :wink:
  • You’re intersted in having fun with other friendly ppl in one of the best FPS competitive games.
  • Your minimum level is 20.

You feel like you and/or your team are matching these criteria?
Add me on Steam and message me:

Kind regards,


I’m up for some games, our details/TS3 at http://wearesith.com


Added both !


@WaRSPiRiTUK can’t add you on steam. There’s an error message.

@Everybody: We are still searching for some members. Add me on steam if you fit the criteria:


I’m a really good support top 25 global for bucket I have a mic. steam name strafendestroy. Look me up if you want it’s Mozzy. I mainly play hank now as he is a better support class for a team