PC Patch downloaded but not active in game?


hi.i just downloaded the new pc patch and startet the gema but all the changes are not live now.
what happens there…if i download the patch nd on the 2k site is writen the patch is live why it isnt?
anybody else with the same probs on PC?


Are you playing online or solo? I’m not 100% sure, but it might require connecting to the multiplayer servers to update the micropatch. Other than that, I dunno, just restart everything, the game, Steam, verify integrity of cache, etc.

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You need to press the Multiplayer button.Once you press it game will download a few kilobytes and the balance patch will be there


yep right guys thx…


Mine did not update with micropatch, even played a round of multiplayer to completion, and still nothing.


I’m having this problem with the new patch on PS4