PC patch 2.1.1 size - Why is it so huge?


Just asking. Why is the size of PC patch 2.1.1 so huge (900MB+)? Because not everyone has fast bandwidth in their own respective country.


i would guess its because of the security changes ?


I didn’t even check, took me less than a minute.
I guess it’s large, because it changed allot of the abilities, and how they work. Also changed models, skills, and weak spot on Behemoth. Changed how monster moves and stuff. Then they had that security thing as well. They also fixed the roll.

Number or reasons I suppose.


It comes with a mini Kraken that’s inside your PC right now, feeding on electricity till it’s big enough to kill you.


Do you mean Behemoth ^-^


Stop being mean to me!


I didn’t mean it I promise!


He’s just trying to help, right? Right?


No worries. ^.^
I mess with people too. :stuck_out_tongue:
Joy of the community and all. ^.-



Oh and really, is it a thing now to also complain about patch sizes ._.


Can’t blame me and them. My internet speed is only 1Mbp/s and it took 2 1/2 hours+ to finish the download. I still cannot upgrade the speed as those packages are still not available in my area.


I fail to see how that is TRS problem.

Logically > big changes > bigger patch size. Nothing they can do about that.

@THISaint Why do you allow this thread to be alive when there’s an official discussion thread about the micro patch?


Its so big because it contained actual code for those on PC, not just number tweaks


I guess you could say it was a behemoth sized update.



I think it’s not just the balance micropatch. Think of the part of the patch that’s not on consoles.


We can now safely lock this one here.

Please keep patch discussions in one topic.