(PC or XB1) Anyone Looking For A Beast Hunter?


Just looking to play with new players! Experienced or not! I’m down for rank or customs! Just add me!
Gamer tag: XxELxBEASTROxX
Steam: El_BeastroWW


What rank are you? And theres a xbox community thread for an Evolvegroup u shld post on to find peoples.
Happy Huntin!


Yeah I’m already on there. Just doing this for any teams that need one or newbies who want help. I think I already have u added?
Happy huntin to you also!


Well if you added me ab u see me on shoot me a msg an we can hook up an hunt together. :slight_smile:


Your profile is always offline?


Oh it’s El_PlebtroQQ



That’s all me baby!!! Lol aka el_beastroll!!


Eyyy El Beastro. Just hit me up if you need a player.

(He was on my team for the DiCE tourney)


It is? Ive bin told that before but idk why. I dont get on very often (i have a fiance` and a kid so my time isnt always my own ;P) probably like twice a week i manage to get on. Cld that be the reason for the offline status? Lolz idk, add me up, i do get on an when i do its Evolve or Gears of war.


Cool will do!


Yeah I think I have you added!
And I will invite whenever I get on.
I was mostly just putting this up for new players or a team needing one more ha-ha


yo Beastro, DarKastlez here, hit me up if you’re on tonight.


Will do!
I should be on sometime tonight. Add me!


Consider it done!