[PC] New team looking for players with 500 or more hours playtime


Don’t Try this at Home is looking for committed hunters for competitive play! We need a dedicated Medic, Support, and Assault. You will mostly be playing your role, but multi-class knowledge is welcome and will be taken into consideration! Practice times will be between 8:30PM CST to 11:30PM CST Mondays through Thursdays and may sometimes be extended! MUST be able to take constructive criticism and be able to grind face in the quest for improvement!

Preferred US based players
Please have Teamspeak

Please leave a message or contact us on Steam if you are interested and want to know more!
Noodles: http://steamcommunity.com/id/prowtotype/
Onetrolltorulethemall: http://steamcommunity.com/id/onetrolltorulethemall/


More than willing to give Monster spot up on the team for someone who proves to be better on that spot, nothing really set in stone till its a full group of 5 =)


I’ll take assault or support or start practicing my medic more. I have 100hrs PC and 2000 Xbox one
El_BeastroWW is the name


Applying just right now as we speak :wink: … Will add you and message you on Steam so see you there :wink:
Edit: 739h currently on Evolve
Edit 2: IGN/Steam name (almost) same as here Lerneros [GR]


Bump bump. Still looking for people!