[PC - New Hack] Party Leader WITHOUT permission


Hi everyone,

I encountered a new hack on PC, which really surprised me:
A guy forced me to group with him, without asking for a friend request; worse, I couldn’t cancel the group.
Relaunching Evolve didn’t stop the issue, as he would instantly regroup with me.

More details:

I was playing as Monster when I saw a player using a jetpack hack to fly all around the map.
I decided to quit the game but just beforce noticed my Steam stream had launched (with 0 viewer).
(Note: I had configured my stream so that people could join, without being on my friend list.)

I began to hear loud music and got puzzled when I saw I was in a group with a guy (named hiromi).
I tried to quit the group, without success.
I restarted Evolve and was still in his group.

Only disabling Steam streaming prevented him from force grouping me.

I don’t think this hack will annoy many people, as you must have your Stream ON.
Just remember to turn it off, if this happens to you too.

Thanks for reading me and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Mod Edit: Changed to Bug section.


This sounds incredibly invasive and harrassing. Serious bug, here. Quash it, TRS!