PC Network ports for Port Forwarding?


Hi, I’m playing game in a network with a lot unneeded ports closed. It seems that Evolve is using one of those closed port and makes me can’t play multiplayer and can’t access 2k server. I tried to search in the forum but I don’t see one that is answered yet.

Does anyone know which ports are used in this game so I can port forward it?
Thanks in advance.


Hrm, I’ve had no such problems through both Alphas and the Beta and now the final game but have no Evolve-specific settings in my router config. Maybe you don’t have the “standard” Steam ones?

I have:

  • 27000 - 27015 TCP/UDP
  • 4380 UDP

Hopefully those standard ones aren’t ones you have and this will help.


Will say if any of the ones Valve uses overlap my Blizzard ones there may be others I’m missing in the list since those were set up first, those are just the ones I have associated specifically with Valve apps.


The thing is I’m in a controlled network and opening Ports need to be requested first. Steam has no problem connecting, people here are playing DoTA2 and I’ve played TF2, L4D2, and Payday 2 without any problem and specific settings. But there are also games that are blocked from the internet such as Evolve here.

I’ll check the ports you have suggested. Hopefully it is the one. Thanks for the help and I will inform the result here.


Good luck, hopefully you figure it out.


From what I’ve found thru testing is that they are 30101,50000:65000 on UDP for PC.