(pc) Na player looking for team


22 year old player from the east coast looking for people who are serious about playing the game and have great communication. I have a mic and communicate a lot so I expect the same from the team. I mainly play trapper but am open to other roles as well. I play other competitive games so I have plenty of experience in this envirorment but also love to have fun. Feel free to post here any comments or questions. You can also add me on steam (nwackes) if you want to play.


Hiya Nking4! There is a excellent sticky on the top of the page to help you with your matchmaking needs!


If you’re interested NKing, TAW is actively recruiting for the PC. Our website is www.taw.net if you’d like to join up right now. If you need more information before joining a clan, I will be glad to assist you with explaining anything about the clan or the joining process you may have questions about. Feel free to message me here, or add me on steam, or send me a mail at my TAW handle.

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