[PC] Mouse pointer on screen and more


I’m having this annoying problem of having the mouse pointer while i’m actually in game during a match. Is there any way to fix this?
Also, i have 3 monitors, even tho i’m playing on one, and when i’m using the windowed fullscreen setting and i click somewhere else outside the game, it disappears and i have to click on it on the Windows bar to resume it. Any way to fix this one too?



I had this problem, i just had to go on steam overlay then get back to the game, mouse was here.

Now I’ve turned steam overlay off so I’ll see if that was the origin of the bug


Yeah i’m doing the same thing. Everytime i have the the pointer in game i just open and close the overlay and it’s gone.
Unfortunately, i still haven’t been able to solve the windowed fullscreen issue.


I started having the same issue soon as I unlocked wraith. and I too have the problem of the mouse icon disappearing at end of the round. I shift+tab constantly to get the pointer to come back