[PC] Monsters Vs hunters game mode idea (Tdm but with a evolve twitst)


As I’ve heard there is future game modes coming in the final version of Evolve. I thought as a really interesting game mode would be as of a group of Monsters versus Hunters , like a team deathmatch oriented game mode but with a twist as in Hunt you would have to stop the Monster from reaching Stage 3 but in Monsters versus Hunters you would have both teams start off at level 1 as the minimum and reach level 5 as the maximum.

Both teams have no abilities at the beginning of the match and work their way up to level 5. Both teams have to work their way up to become stronger than the other team to get the better advantage. I feel this game mode could be interesting because of the amount of teamwork needed to win. and on top of that how awesome would it be if you can battle it out with 4 Hunters vs 4 Monsters?!

But this was just a idea , and would like to hear feedback from other people on the fourm!

Thank you very much for reading and checking out this thread!

P.S : Evolve is amazing , like seriously nothing I’ve ever played before keep it up turtle rock!


or maybe a gamemode get to the spaceship and the monster has to stop them from reaching it