[PC] Monster unable to move


Had a new bug yesterday playing Wraith (never heard of it at least).
Map was Aviary hunt mode.
Can’t remember all hunters, but they had a Griffin.

Got stage 2 around the small village in the north of the map and decided to fight between the 2 northern tunnels.
When it went downhill for them, some of the hunters disconnected, one of them the Griffin.
From that moment on my movement was severely handicapped. It felt like being stuck between invisible walls or held by an invisible harpoon. Lost the game eventually after sitting around for 2min.

2 assumptions:

  • the server went crazy laggy, kicked some players and couldn’t process movement correctly anymore. However the remaining hunters had no problems and could play normally (they were wondering what was going on after the game)
  • the Griffin quit while harpooning me, got replaced from the botunit and the harpoon from the player unit somehow lingered invisible and unbreakable