Pc Monster Race


I have a problem and question, I purchased the evolve pc monster race back at launch but looked on my steam today and do not have the behemoth? why is this, i refuse to pay another $15 for a dlc when ive already payed $100 for the version that is supposed to have everything. help please


At launch or before? Behemoth was a pre-order bonus.


Pre-order time period was:

o Start date: 1/13/15 (Online); 1/18/15 (Select Retailers)
o End date: 2/9/15

You would have had to pre-purchase/order Evolve during that time period.


So you’re saying that they expect me to pay another $15 after I’ve already payed $100? that’s outright robbery and I’m pissed


No one expects you to pay another $15. If you want Behemoth and you did not pre-order then yes, it will cost $15.

But you can still play against him without having to pay anything.