PC Monster Race skins


I’m confused about the content of the PC Monster Race edition. This is what they say on the official Evolve site:

This is for the gamer that is planning for the future and wants to save big bucks, right now. This version of the game jams in everything mentioned above: The Fourth Monster, Behemoth (when it’s available after launch), the Hunters Season Pass (the next four Hunters are yours as they become available after launch) and the Magma Monster skins. On top of that, this version locks you in for the Unannounced FIFTH Monster as well as the FIFTH and SIXTH DLC Hunters.

o MSRP: £58.99 (Online Only)

o Everything in the Digital Deluxe package
 The Game
 The Fourth Monster, Behemoth, when available after launch
 The Hunters Season Pass Magma Monster skins
o The unannounced FIFTH Monster still in development
o Two additional Hunters (beyond the four available in the season pass)
o Four Monster Skins that are exclusively available for PC in this edition for 30 days. Because you are Monster Race. And you deserve bragging rights.
o Basically, we’re jamming in over £100 worth of content for £58.99 bucks. Apparently we are horrible with math.

As you can see, they mention two kinds of skins, ‘‘Magma skins’’ and ‘‘Four Monster skins’’.

My question is, what kind of skins are those four skins? Are those the magma skins? Or other, unrevealed skins?


We don’t believe they have been revealed at this time.

A list of all the skins we know are currently around:

  • Elite Skins through progression.
  • Exterminator Hunter only skins through Gamestop timed exclusive.
  • TRS skins. (Only available as TRS)
  • Magma Skins for 3 of the Monsters. (Not sure if Behemoth will also have this)
  • An otherwise yet to be named “Monster Skin” for the first 4 monsters.
  • Savage Goliath skin for pre-ordering.


Thanks for your answer. And you forgot the Savage Goliath :smile:


Ah yes, thanks for that. I’ll update my post :slight_smile: Cheers :smiley:


The context leaves more to be desired, but I think it means one unannounced skin for four monsters (main three + Behemoth). Especially because it says the skin will be exclusive for only 30 days; I don’t think they’re going to come out with four new skins at once.


Yea, that’s what I meant. Four different themes for skins in 30 days would be insane :smile:


Yeah I think its one theme for the 4 monsters. Similar to how they described the magma theme to be 3 skins, one for each of the current monsters.



10 char


Also, exterminator skins are only for people who pre-ordered at Gamestop, right? I pre-ordered Monster Race on steam, so I won’t be getting the exterminator skins, right?

Also, are exterminator skins only for the first tier?


At launch, yes. We know that you can purchase these skins at a later date. Popular deduction/opinion says 30 days until they are for sale for everyone.


So will the monster race skins be on console ever? Or are they just for the PC “monster race” preorder-ers


Nothing is exclusive. All skins will be eligible for purchase. Most people surmise it will be around 30 days later.


Ok, thx. Can’t wait to see what skins they have cooked up.


Magma skins were actually revealed, just nobody noticed it.


I remember seeing those. However, we don’t know if Behemoth gets one.


Behemoth is magma! He doesn’t need a skin to prove it!


this is how the magma skins looks like



someone posted what some skins look like for all 3 current monsters, what they have so far anyway. Heres the post!


Wow, I didn’t notice that! Thanks for sharing!