Pc monster race skins On ps4 and xbone


So im just wondering how can the cosmic and jade skins be sold on xbone and p4 when they was ment to be timed offer exclusive for us who shelled out the extra money tbh i feel like i’ve been riped off. Absoutly love the game didnt care i had to buy behemoth but how can it be justified giving the pc monster race exclusive to others who didnt jump for the ed is a slap in the face


They were timed exclusives for PC users. Since the games are not cross-platform someone having the skins on X1 or PS4 doesn’t affect PC players.


Yea because that would be fair for the Xbox and PS4 players who didn’t even have a chance to buy the PC monster race… :unamused:


Then get a pc for the PC monster race pack


We are not on PC, so why should non-PC players have to wait for those skins? That is what he is saying.


Fuckin great logic there kid. Cookies for you.


Everybody be cool.


Lol im nt saying u shpuld wait im saying u shouldnt get tem full stop u havnt got PC monster race version of game u shouldnt be able to get them as they was timed EXCLUSIVE for the PC monster race


timed exclusives are bad anyway im happy they can get them just be thankfull you got your skins


Thankful for getting the exclusive skins that aint exclusive?


They are exclusive to your platform.


But there not excluive to the monster race. I belive the quote on the steam page said “Timed exclusive because your the monster race” so no xbone or p4 player shpuld get them as there not monster race players


Timed Exclusive. For 30 days. It’s been 30 days since release. TRS does not like splitting the community, hence it being exclusive for 30 DAYS


I understand your frustration, it appeared to be exclusive only to PCMR owners, but that was a misnomer. Unfortunately TRS has no control over that aspect, I would suggest filing a complaint with 2K directly.


The devs said a long time ago that they were only doing timed exclusives.


I believe his concern is that the skins have just become available for the PCMR so from the 30th onward the 30 day exclusive should be in effect.


Pretty sure thats not how it works if it was then we would have gotten the skins at launch which we didnt. Timed exclusives start from when the content is released otherwise we could argue that well xbox already had 30 days since launch for the 2 maps so why cant we get them on all platforms.


The most annoying thing is that TRS isnt addressing the issue themselves from what ive seen they are just letting people be mad and thats NEVER a good thing. TRS NEEDS to work on communication…


Oh okay now I understand his frustration.


TRS has nothing to do with that part if it, that would be handled by 2K.