PC Monster Race skins not showing


So I bought the PC monster race edition and I only got the magma skins. Can’t find any topics on this. What gives?


PCMR gives us the next 6 hunters +2 next monsters + magma skin + Savage Goliath skins.That’s all

Magma skins are for all Monsters.

Savage is only for goliath.

(Except if you are not a pre-order)


Except the PCMR says it comes with magma and 4 addition skins.


I think it’s implied that those come when Behemoth comes


I got all my Magma skins(1 for each monster)

And the Savage Goliath skin(only for Goliath)


Again, their DLC is great, their DLC is priced fairly, but holy hell they messed up it’s presentation lol.

It’s so confusing to follow the massive types, variations, prices, sources, and times of all the different DLC.

Those skins were ready at launch as well, I am surprised they were not included in the game…


Correct. We’re waiting on news about that.


In know that the in-game skin store was bugged from about twenty threads saying so… Not sure if that extends to this, but I know TRS is looking into it!


OK, total n00b question, I’ve been trying to figure out how to look at my Magma & Savage Goliath skins but have no idea how to do this…I ordered the PCMR. Can anyone help a brotha out, please?

NM, figured it out!


So the “four moinster skins” are future DLC?

Aren’t the magma skins part of the Hunting Season Pass, and doesn’t that mean that currently there is no difference in the content for the people who bought the deluxe edition and those who bought the PC Monster Race? Not very “Monster Race”-y is it? Feeling worse and worse about shelling out that extra cash as this day goes on.