PC Monster Race Skins/DLC issue


I purchsed the PC Monster Race DLC and see that a skin pack should have come out with the Behemoth but there was no skin for my Behemoth when I tried it earlier also I noticed that on my steam account the PC monster race DLc seems to say “Not installed” but it is ticked to install anyone else have this issue and know why?

Why does my client say this

Did you pre-order?

I hear it may or may not have something to do with the issues, which appear rather sporadic in nature otherwise. If it isn’t fixed in the next couple of days, I highly suggest putting up a ticket with 2k.


Same Problem here too :frowning:


Yes I pre purchesd the PC Monster race


OK, so everything seems to have gone live except for DLC Behemoth skins, and Steam/PSN/XBL haven’t been updated yet with DLC available in the in-game store in the new client build - Tier 4 Hunters, Behemoth, the Exterminator pack, a new Support skin pack for T1-T3, Savage Kraken & Savage Wraith. None of the new Behemoth skins - Jade, Sandstone, or the PC Monster Race Skin Pack are available anywhere yet. I was able to purchase Savage Kraken & Wraith skins through the in-game store through my Steam wallet, but the Exterminator skin pack & the Support skin pack just link to an empty link and back to the Steam store, and the PCMR Skin Pack still shows up as “Not installed.”


Yea it looks like the new skins haven’t been added to the store yet.


This is what is showing up for me, just “not installed”.


Click on the box :slight_smile:


No offence intended, but what makes you think we haven’t tried that already. I can check/uncheck the box, it won’t install.


Oh I was replying to Zexxy, since his box was unchecked :slight_smile:


My box has been ticked since I pre-installed evolve, and i don’t have the skins :frowning:


Any clue what the leviathan skins look like?

What skins will be available exactly? I own all the previous ones except bushman, tempest, and sword.


When I click the box, it unchecks itself when steam restarts.

Oh, and it still wont install or after being checked.


Give it a day or two because the updates are just being released. It’s possible it may not of updated for everyone yet or is having an issue. If they don’t work by the end of tomorrow I’d suggest doing a ticket


Leviathan skins are white & ice blue weapon skins with what looks like mountainous shapes for Hank, Bucket & Cabot. Not available anywhere yet that I’ve seen but you can see them in the in-game store.


Looking into this now, I’ll let you know what I find out.




Same happens here. And I wondered if the Savage skins for Kraken and Wraith are meant to be bought by anyone even us who got the PCMR, or are supposed to be included in PCMR.


same problem for me :confused: its checked but it says not installed


Their for T1-3 support? Interesting. I thought they would of been monster skins. Makes me wonder why and what others there are.


Talking about my skins question or the install issue?