PC Monster Race Skins Are In!


I didn’t see a thread on this yet, but logged in and saw that I had my Monster Race skins. Here’s a few quick screenshots for people that were curious about how they looked.


I cannot love these enough.

My sexy Wraith now gets noticed by sempai.


Personally of those pictures I like Kraken’s the best. He looks cutely terrifying.

Also note – You can also buy these separately in the in game store as well!


I’ll need to get some in game screenshots, just wanted to post a quick couple screens on character select. I suppose I’ll go work on that.


-_- you lucky bastards. I’d love to snag some of those skins for free myself. Sucks that I play on Xbone


The cosmic skins have sparkles. Hard to see from the screenies but they’re beautiful!


They aren’t on the evolve in game store for xbox? They are for PS4 :stuck_out_tongue: bought mine today! You should check just in case!


They do?!?!


I’m pissed at 2K or whoever said the ‘go ahead’ to sell the monster race edition for the same price as the regular copy after it being out. I feel I got gipped. Thanks TRS and 2K I feel like a valued customer alongside the fact it crashes and the crazy DLC prices and making the pre-order content buyable. Thank you.


I would, but I just bought the season pass. I’m not spendin no money on some damn skins. Thanks tho


In 48 hours, I will be accepting your apology.
There’s you a Jurassic Park reference. :slight_smile:


Hereby renamed to Twilight Skins.


When did that happen? During the 2k sale? I didn’t see Evolve was on sale for very much. Hard to believe the PC Monster race edition was discounted $40.


Twilight Sparkle Skins


Here’s a few more screens, Behemoth is particularly difficult to get while playing the monster. Sorry in advance for the wall of pics.


I think you just ruined Goliath for me. Every time I use him I will think of Twilight now. :stuck_out_tongue:


As I understood it, the skins were supposed to be exclusive to the pcmr bundle. However they are now available in the shop.

It’s not that I give a damn myself, it just seems odd to change policy midthrough the development. It tends to leave publicity stunts of the future less… Trustworthy…

I am referencing this text from the official evolve site: “Four Monster Skins that are exclusively available for PC in this edition for 30 days. Because you are Monster Race. And you deserve bragging rights.”


Twilight is secretly a movie about bun-pires in love fighting were-buns. Now I’ve ruined it further for you :slight_smile: you’re welcome!


Ohhhh you meant THAT twilight. I don’t like you anymore.


Nah, you’ve just moved Twilight from comedy to horror for me. :smile: