PC Monster Race Edition


Hello everyone! I have a question about the PC Monster Race Edition Pre-Purchase that is available on Steam for $100. Do we get ALL additional future content free when we purchase this?


If you mean unannounced then no.We take everything there is to game now.Plus behemoth plus 5th unannounced monster plus 4 hunters plus 2 unannounced hunters.


Do you have any proof of this? I would definitely like to hear from a developer about this if possible.


The PC Monster Race Edition Pre-Purchase includes Evolve, Evolve Hunting Season Pass, Evolve Monster Expansion Pack, Fifth Playable Monster, Two Additional Hunters, Four Monster Skins and a giftable copy of Left 4 Dead.

No need for a dev

Evolve Hunting pass=4 Hunters

Evolve Monster Expansion Pack=Behemoth.


Well, that is a bit disappointing. That is quite a large amount of money to spend even after the $100 purchase. Thanks for the info, but a Dev’s comment would still be appreciated.


Oh i see.What i can tell you tho is that you get something that would cost 131$ at the price of 100$.

Also TRS have nothing to do with the price unfortunately.It’s all up to 2K.They make the pricings on game and DLC.

Anyway hope that helped until a dev responds you


I definitely appreciate your help. And I feel sorry for the devs being pressured like that. Don’t get me wrong, the $100 edition is definitely the way to start out on saving money. My disapproval was the fact that after everyone that does pay to get all the stuff they have announced, that $15 a monster is a little high. The $7 a hunter though isn’t really that bad.


Yeah i agree with you 100%.I don’t like 2K at all.I bought it because of the game and TRS


i bet they bring out more and more increasingly OP hunters and monsters so the game is unplayable because of P2W DLC.

and then the DLC is $15 each per monster

just a prediction


This may help you here:

it breaks down every edition and piece of content that has been announced. Considering development times, this could take the better part of a year to put out, so it will cover you for a LONG time.


Oh God. The Spread Sheets. Hurts. Brain. Too. Much.


Thanks for making this spreadsheet, I plan to get the EB games edition for the extra stuff, season passes and the wristbands


I was thinking about the same thing, but it came with few drawbacks. Which are meaningless but at the same time, they were enough to persuade me from buying it there. First, they would start sending out the codes about 12 hours after release - it would be better to actually pre-order DIGITAL version at the store, and then go to pick it up. With 3 hours difference benefiting the pickup version. But true nail in the coffin was that I’ve got it from greenmangaming with 23% off and highly likely that it will be there “on time”. As in the minute the servers are opened, i’m wrecking havoc! LOL… i just wanted those skins so badly… but, like i said, $ talks, so i chose the cheaper option. Also, no TAX mad it only like $12 more expensive than regular version with TAX (NJ state)