PC Monster Race Edition Questions


Hello there fellow “Evolvers”,
As you presume by the title I have bought the PC Monster Race edition of 80 euro’s. I bought it because it said I’d have access to 2 New hunter tiers and a fifth monster on launch, etc. however when i got to install the game and play it I couldn’t help but notice all i got from the edition was a seasons pass and 2 Goliath skins. Either this is a misunderstanding or just plain wrong but I’d have thought I would’ve gotten access to the fifth monster ON launch and not 2-4 months after. People also told me I wouldn’t have to grind to get next tier monsters if I pre-ordered it (knew it was like this for GameStop, etc.). In other words: Can anyone tell me what I got for buying this special edition because I feel a bit scammed (no offence). Normally special editions come with content you can already claim the day it hits the stores, but not this one. Please help clear this up a bit because i really want to go back and enjoy the game instead of moping because of all the money I just wasted. Thanks in advance!



No, no. Fifth monster isn’t even concept art yet. Behemoth is the closest DLC availible, I wish I could help more.

The no-grind thing was a console thing.

Behemoth is in 1-2 months; march or april.


You get the 4th and 5th monsters free, unlocked, when they release. The Behemoth is coming along quickly and has his own thread if you wanna check up on him, he’s awesome. The 5th doesn’t even have a concept AFAIK. Tier 4 hunters are in development now and teasers have been released. Also, you got some skins.

Ask away if you have any more questions.


Well as a pc player i feel a bit screwed over… “it’s a console thing” is something us players always have to hear, and it is not fair. we buy this machine which costs us a fortune and don’t even get to enjoy it at it’s fullest potential because they think console is more important… why don’t they just do it the same for everything? Xbox always get’s all the fun stuff, because they believe bribing companies is what makes their console better I’m bloody sick of it. I’d have hoped the makers of L4D wouldn’t do this to us pc players…


oh and lemme guess I will have to grind my ass off to unlock it aswell?


No, that’s why I said unlocked lol.