PC Monster race Edition question


Ok so I’ve looked around since stage 2 came out to find this out. I pre-ordered evolve pc monster race edition and am left wondering; will I get what I payed for (all hunters and variations when they come out without them costing anything) or just have the dlc previously released?


Here you go!

What do Founders get on Launch Day?
All content currently available for Founders is detailed below:

30,000 Silver Keys, all past and future Adaptations for previously owned Hunters and Monsters, 12 Hunter Perks, 12 Monster Perks, dozens of Weapon Skins, two exclusive badge backgrounds and two unique, animated Founder badge foregrounds.
If you owned any Hunters, Monsters, or Skins previously, those will be carried over to Evolve: Stage 2.
Future Founder Content
As a further show of our appreciation to our Founders, we’ll continue to add new Founder exclusive cosmetic items and Founders will get Adaptations for each character they bought as soon as those Adaptations launch.

Check out EvolveUpdates.com for more information on Founder content: http://www.evolveupdates.com/stage2/#founders27

Thanks again for being a supporter of Evolve, we can’t wait to see you back on Shear.


Yes, I understand about founders. but I would think paying $100 would get me a little extra love compared to someone who payed 60 or less. and would like to know if thats the case or not


You have characters unlocked that they do not, and you get immediate access to future adaptations they they’ll have to grind out.


so, if they release completely new characters (not adaptations) I’ll have to get the silver keys to purchase them? thats all I want to know


As far as I know, yes.


Also you get Behemoth for free if you owned him previously


My Son. Is a founder and he owned Bob…

Bob will not unlock on his account at all. His name on steam is AingTiiAlemaRar on Steam if TRS can help.
(he owns both pc and xbox versions fyi too)


You got a discount when you bought the $100 version.

The people that got the $60 version had to buy the hunting seasons which cost more if they wanted all the monsters and hunters.


All upcomming DLC that was promised in the Monster Race edition
(and more, we got all of T5, but was only promised two and the monster)
have already been released and does indeed carry over to Stage 2.